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Chevy Corvette ZR1 09-13 & LS9 Crate Engine OE Fit High Performance Intercooler Set PWR core

Corvette ZR1 09-13 &LS9 Crate Engine OE Fit High Performance Intercooler

SKU: 56-50001-CRR
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Chevy Corvette ZR1 2009-13 & LS9 Crate Engine OE Fit High Performance Intercooler/heat exchanger set with PWR core. 56-50001-CRR.

Cools intake air by as much as 50 degrees over the stock units.

Each 10 degrees drop in temperature improves power by 2 percent!

The C&R 56-50001-CRR intercooler/heat exchanger mounts in the stock location, using factory hoses and clamps. Using a 27mm race core, the same core used in NASCAR radiators will keep the intake air temps (IAT'S) much lower than the stock unit. Helps avoid heat soak and timing retard!

Compressing air increases air temperature. Cooling allows for a more dense charge. You can feel the extra power. This is a must-have part for increased boost levels and in hot climates. Will keep ECM from going into limp mode due to high IAT's. CAD design using factory data for a perfect fit.

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