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Intercooler/heat exchanger

Camaro ZL1 13-15 6-speed manual trans C&R Racing 56-00011CRR

$624.99 $749.99
SKU: CRR56-00011

C&R Racing 56-00011 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 2013- 2014-2015 with 6-speed manual transmission. C&R Racing heat exchanger (intercooler) stops dreaded heat soak of the engine compartment and intake charge and avoids timing retard and EFI rich fuel levels. These units use a huge 42mm (1.65) core vs. the stock 19mm (.75) core. For easy and fast install, they mount the same as the factory unit, and they use factory hardware and hoses. Recommended for up to 1000 hp in any climate.



  • Improve power and torque over the small stock units.
  • Power increases by 1% for every 10 degrees of intake temperature drop.
  • Direct bolt-in using factory bolts and hoses
  • Improve ETs and lap times!
  • Uses 42mm (1.65) core vs. the stock 19mm (.75) core for a 155% increase in cooling
  • Stops heat soak
  • Recommended for all climates
  • Lower intake air charge for higher HP and torque
  • Keeps your engine from going into limp mode
  • Perfect for factory or aftermarket superchargers
  • Width (in): 26.560 in.
  • Height (in): 11.820 in.
  • Depth (in): 2.190 in.