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AFCO Heat Exchanger Ford-f153

Heat Exchanger 2010 & Up Ford Raptor/F150 With Fans Black AFCO

SKU: 80284PROB

AFCO Racing Products is proud to announce the launch of our new Heat Exchanger for the 2010 Up Supercharged F-150/Raptor. High Duty Cycle avoids heat soak, keeps intake charge cool far longer than the stock unit. Reduce temperatures up to 30F and unlock the full potential of your F-150/Raptor with a fast 1 hour installation time. The 80284PRO is over 3 times thicker than other Competitor Heat Exchangers. The 80284 offers increased surface area, volume, and a double pass design (uses a baffle to pass the coolant through the core twice) to help reduce coolant temperatures by as much as 30F. The 80284PRO comes with the dual fans which adds over 1600 CFM of constant airflow (800 CFM per fan) to reduce heat soak when there is reduced air flow through the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger can be installed in approximately 1 hour. These heat exchangers will fit Roush or Whipple supercharger kits. Whipple installations require extra mounting brackets. Core utilizes 2 rows of 1.00 tubes 3 times thicker than most competitors. Dual 10-inch SPAL fans that pull 800 CFM each helps prevent heat soak (80284PRO only). Dual relay wiring harness (80284PRO only) with detailed instructions for easy installation. Can be installed in approximately 1-2 hours. Fits Roush, VMP, and Whipple supercharger kits. Whipple installations require extra mounting brackets, which are part#80284WHIPPLE. Fits 10 Up Ford Raptor and F150. Drops coolant temps 30 F.Click here for an instruction manual on installing this radiator. High Duty Cycle