About Applied Speed

At APPLIEDSPEED.com Purpose-Made Advanced Cooling Components is not just a slogan; it is the bond that fosters trust with our customers and underscores the Company’s commitment to quality and effectiveness to solve and prevent automotive cooling problems.

Noted author, publisher, race car builder and driver, the owner of APPLIEDSPEED.com, Jean Genibrel, possesses a long racing pedigree dating back to Dan Gurney’s All-American Racing Team in the Bobby Unser era.

 The future led to involvements in Circle Track, Drag Racing, Off-Roading, Road Racing, and Karting. With the knowledge gained in those years, Genibrel wrote eight books on motorsport technology and grew into a magazine editor and author for such titles as Circle Track Magazine, Grassroots Motorsports, Sports Car, Popular Hot Rodding, Kart Racer, Rod Action, Street Machines, and many others. Jean Genibrel wrote several books on subjects such as Sprint Cars, Midgets, Stock Cars, and four-cylinder race cars. Jean authored a series of articles in Circle Track Magazine on “Building the Mini Stock.” Later, he penned a series of articles for Sports Car Magazine on the construction of the SCCA GT3 Ford Probe race car and its racing in the NASPORT series.     

    Jean built the cars and the engines with the support of Ford Special Vehicles Operation (SVO), Ebeling Engineering, Eslinger Engineering, and Speedway Engineering. Genibrel is the world’s most read karting book author with some 50,000 copies sold globally. In recognition for his contributions to automobile racing and to performance technology books and magazine, the American Automobile Racing Writers and Broadcasters’ Association (AARWBA) admitted Genibrel in 1999 from which he received two awards in the book and magazine categories. In 2014 Jean became a member of the Motor Press Guild (MPG). Later, Jean passed the trying test for the coveted certification from Automotive Service Excellence and received the ASE’s Blue Shield of Excellence. With the support of Automotive Racing Products (ARP) of Ventura, California, and technical advisors Carroll Smith and Smokey Yunick Jean delivered presentations to engineering students at Long Beach Community College, Cerritos, and El Camino Colleges in Southern California about high-performance threaded fastener technology.

    APPLIEDSPEED.com offers solutions to improve performance, reliability, and efficiency, and to prevent problems for its customers’ automobiles, trucks and racing vehicles with usable information and value-added purpose-made products. The Company offers in-depth technical information on automotive temperature management, such as for engines, transmissions, power steering, forced induction, differentials, and gearboxes. APPLIEDSPEED covers a wide spectrum of the performance and racing industries for applications like Direct Fit, Trucks, Jeeps, Off-Roading, Racing, Rally, Drifting, Towing, Motorhomes. The offering consists of purpose-made radiators, oil coolers, electric fans and shrouds, oil cooler pumps, rear end covers, AN hose and fittings, supercharger and turbocharger heat exchangers, synthetic lubricants, performance water pumps, and cooling accessories. These products are manufactured by acclaimed US manufacturers like AFCO Racing, Edelbrock, C&R Racing, Holley, Earl's Performance, Spal Automotive, B&M Racing and many more.