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APPLIEDSPEED.COM specializes in race car and race truck cooling products such as Earl's UltraPro Oil Coolers for engines, Earl's UltraPro Oil Coolers for transmissions, Earl's UltraPro Oil Coolers for gearboxes, Earl's UltraPro Oil Coolers for manual transmissions, Earl's UltraPro Oil Coolers for differentials and Earl's UltraPro Oil Coolers for power steering. The company also supplies Earl's UltraPro oil coolers for Jeeps via Holley's B&M Racing, and Earl's UltraPro Oil Coolers are of the stacked plate design. Icons such as Carroll Smith and Smokey Yunick collaborated with Earl's to create the Earl's UltraPro oil cooler line of products. Earl's oil coolers epitomize the answer to the question "What is the best oil cooler?"