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EARL'S FORD COYOTE Complete Remote Oil Filter Relocation Kit

$452.45 $475.07
APPLIEDSPEED's oil filter relocation kit for the 2011-'14 Ford Mustang 5.0L Coyote Engine comprises Earls' components. It is of slim design; it helps clear most headers and suspension components. It allows you to relocate your oil filter to a better location for better access, faster and cleaner oil changes and avoiding drips on the headers and other parts. Ideal with engine swaps that need extra clearance.

The adapters are black anodized, and to ensure a perfect seal, they use O-ring sealed adapter fittings. 

This oil filter relocation kit is Complete, as it contains all the parts you need for a job done right. Can also be used to install an oil cooler*.

Image may differ from actual contents.


  • The kit includes a remote filter adapter
  • One engine adapter,
  • Six feet of AN high-pressure/high temperature oil hose.
  • Four ORB -10 AN fittings.
  • Three -10 X 90-degree push-on fittings
  • One -10 X 45-degree push-on fitting.
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