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AFCO 03 --04 Cobra supercharger heat exchanger

Heat exchanger 04 Cobra AFCO Racing 80275PRO, Dual SPAL Fans

SKU: 80275PRO

The 04 Cobra supercharger heat exchanger model uses a dual pass design. This design improves power by creating a denser (lower temp.) intake charge versus stock. Our double pass design, combined with total grill covering, dramatically improves the cooling ability of the system to drop your inlet temperatures to near ambient while under boost. A 60-70 degree temperature drop is typical compared to the stock system. This is critical in controlling detonation in a supercharged application. AFCO Heat Exchangers are now available for serious street performance enthusiasts with supercharged applications. AFCO design incorporates the latest engineering and technology for enhanced coolant flow and improved thermal stabilization. AFCO Heat Exchangers are available as standard (high performance street) or pro series (drag race and extreme street). There is no drilling, cutting, or fabrication required. Detailed instructions included. High Duty Cycle avoids heat soak, keeps intake charge cool far longer than the stock unit