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Earls Transmission Adapter, One Adapter w/ O-ring Seal Fits 4L80E (Some 2009 & Later) w/ 9/16-18 threads - Long (Rear), Nickel Plated Steel - (CFRL_961983ERL)

$11.10 $12.33
SKU: ds_CFRL_961983ERL
There are always clearance challenges when doing an engineswap. One of these is routing the transmission cooler linesoff the side of the transmission while cleaning the trans tunnel.Earl's makes this easier with their line adapters.Integrating into the GM transmission and adapting to ANlines allows additional clearance and freedom that the originalhard lines cannot. Adapters are available for the popular GM Transmissions4L80E (Fits Transmissions w/ 9/16-18 Threads Long/Rear). Order Two adapters (one short for the front and one long for the rear to match the threads on your transmission). The thread size varies depending on the application.

Nickel Plated Steel Construction
High Pressure Capabilities
Available for Any Plumbing Situation And Many Custom Applications.