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SEE HOW The heat exchangers offered by AppliedSpeed for your Chevrolet Camaro with LSA engines are engineered to end dreaded heat soak which robs major horsepower from the engine that leads to the "limp mode" trap.


The LSA supercharged engine, with its 6.2-liter, 580 horsepower and 556 pound-feet of drive-shaft-twisting-torque, is the most powerful powerplant that Chevrolet ever produced. Yet, there is still room to improve power when you upgrade to or install an APPLIEDSPEED-C&R Racing's or AFCO's heat exchanger. They are affordable, quick to install with basic hand tools, and they improve power over the stock units by 10 to 20%, plus another 10 to 20% saved from timing retard and fuel management.

 C&R RACING's Heat Exchangers








2013-2015  Camaro Heat Exchanger/Intercooler                         BUY 56-00013 For Auto Trans                                                BUY 56-00011 For 6-Speed Trans





 67-69 Camaro C&R Racing Heat Exchanger/Intercooler for LSA Engine with aftermarket supercharger                       BUY 56-00015


C&R's units use huge 42mm (1.65”) core vs. the stock 19mm (.75”) core. C&R’s heat exchangers are 150% thicker than the stock units. Added to the efficiency of their extruded tubes and turbulators C&R’s units produce an increase of 350% in cooling ability. They are TIG-welded, laser-cut, and they have no epoxy to weaken the joints. Extruded tube technology contains miniature fins that cause the fluid to turbulate which absorbs more heat and the double-pass engineering forces the coolant to pass through the cooler twice as it swirls within the tubes.

 NASCAR icon Smokey Yunick stated in his books: "Engine power increases by 1 and a half to 2 percent for every 10 degrees of intake air temperature."

AFCO RACING's Heat Exchangers

AFCO offers two heat exchangers for your Camaro ZL1. Both units are three times thicker than the stock variants and this feature yields an increase of 350% in cooling ability to unleash maximum power. Both units are TIG welded, laser-cut and they contain no epoxy to weaken the joints. The double-pass design ensures maximum cooling by forcing the coolant to pass through the cooler twice as it is swirled within the tubes.































AFCO's 80283PRO comes with dual Spal fans and wiring kit. This heat exchanger is three times thicker than the stock ones for maximum power, and the dual high-performance SPAL fans keep the intake cool for extended periods of time even in slow traffic like returning to the start line.   Heat Exchanger 80283PRO for Camaro ZL1 13 -15 BUY 80283PRO              



80283NDP AFCO heat exchanger

AFCO heat exchanger is also three times thicker than the stock units and it yields an increase of 350% in cooling ability.  
Heat Exchanger 80283NDP for Camaro ZL1 13-15   BUY 80283NDP 

The heat exchangers (intercoolers) offered by AppliedSpeed for Camaros with LSA engines stop dreaded heat soak of the engine compartment and intake system to avoid timing retard and EFI rich fuel levels. Improve power and torque over the small stock units. For easy and fast install, they mount the same as the factory unit, and they use factory hardware and hoses. Recommended for up to 1000 hp in any climate. 




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