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AFCO C7 Z06 Supercharged Corvette heat exchanger

Heat Exchanger C7 Z06 Corvette Black 80294NDPB Bleed Screw

SKU: 80294NDPB

AFCO's NEW C7 Z06 Corvette heat exchanger [in black] with an exclusive bleed screw to remove all trapped air.  All-aluminum, double pass design lowers your compressed intake charge temperature by 25 ° F. and the High Duty Cycle avoids heat soak, by keeping the intake charge cool far longer than the stock unit. It is a direct fit heat exchanger and it installs in approximately 3-5 hours. There is no drilling, cutting, or fabrication required. Dual row 1.00 core vs. single row 1.38 on OEM unit. Double pass design for maximum temperature drop. Black "Thermal Coating" finish lowers the temperature by 25 degrees. All aluminum TIG-welded construction. Installation time approximately 3-5 hours. All hardware and detailed installation instructions included. High Duty Cycle