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Battery Charger | Battery Tender | 021-0133-DL-WH | 5-Bank 6V/12V | 4 Amp Selectable Battery Charger

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SKU: 021-0133-DL-WH
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Deltran's advanced SuperSmart Battery Tender® Battery Management System is light years ahead of any standard battery charger. It's the first fully automatic, constant current battery charger designed to charge and/ or maintain up to 5 12volt batteries simultaneously at 4 amps.  All Battery Tender® chargers automatically switch from full charge to float charge mode. Suitable for standard & lithium batteries. Each output independently charges at 4Amps. Includes 5 alligator clips with 7.5 foot cable. To prevent/avoid damaging your battery a microchip circuitry will not activate output voltage until the clips are properly connected to the battery. Spark proof and reverse polarity protected. Simultaneously charges and/ or maintains up to 5 batteries at one time. 3 Year Warranty included.

Deltran Battery Tender 5-Bank Battery Charger
12V or 6V Switchable at 4A
Charges Lead Acid - Gel - AGM Batteries at 6V or 12V
Safe - No Spark Charging
To prevent/avoid damaging your battery, a microchip circuitry will not activate output voltage until clips are correctly connected to battery
Simultaneously Charges and/or Maintains up to 5 Batteries
4A Per Output Charging Current
Clamps Included
Safety Timer: 25 Hours
AC Power Cord Length: 6 ft - 16 AWG